2010, 2012 12/31/2009
I mentioned this earlier on Twitter, and I'd like to repeat it again here.  I'm sure others have thought of this already, but how does this sound: If it is already 2010 in some places in the world, and still 2009 in others, when it is the end of 2011, some places will hit 2012 first, right?  So not all of the world is going to enter 2012 at the same time, and if the world really is going to end, will it be as places enter the year 2012 or will it be the entire world as soon as the first place in the world enters 2012 or will it be the entire world as soon as the last place in the world enters 2012?  I guess we'll just have to wait and see.  Does this thought process make sense to anyone besides myself?
This website has been around for awhile now.  I'm going through everything and re-vamping it all.  It is going to now be used for two of my classes next semester, journalism and web design.  I'm going to leave up and continue all of the blogs that are already here, and sooner or later get around to finishing the music players.  There are also going to be other changes that should be easily adapted to for anybody actually viewing the site in the past.  The news articles won't be appearing until January, but I'm going to go through the next few days and update the blogs you currently see.  Enjoy!