When you hear the name Tiger Woods, what is the first thought that comes to mind? A year ago, nearly all answers would have been ‘golf’ but that may have changed a bit since then.  With all the media feeding off of anyone’s personal lives, Tiger Woods’ life has been all over the television, newsstands, magazines, and every other media outlet.  With having allegedly (is it even in question still?) cheated on his wife with a number of other ‘mistresses’ his life has been in the spotlight a lot recently, but one has to stop and wonder how much do we really believe, and what do we really care?

His life should not directly affect you on any level whatsoever, should it?  I understand, of course, that there were many people who were fans of his, and supportive of his career.  But at what point do we stop and say to ourselves, “Why do I care about his personal life?” The obvious answer would be that he’s a celebrity.

But by putting celebrities, and really anyone at all, on a pedestal and having such high expectations of them, you’re bound to be disappointed at some time or another.  He’s only human, just like the rest of us, and while I don’t endorse cheating at all, on anyone, who are you to judge someone you don’t even know?

Sure, you see him play golf, maybe if you’re lucky you’ve actually seen him play in person. And if you’re really lucky, maybe even met him for a brief instant and he probably doesn’t even remember your name. Why do we, as a society, feel like we can judge these people?  Do we relate to them on a personal level and feel that we have the right to?  Some might answer that they can judge him because he’s a ‘role model’ for their children, but we’ll get to that one momentarily.

I learned today of the ‘top-down theory’ which is, in my own words, something that occurs when a person who is ‘higher’ in society, steps down to a position (figuratively) in which they relate to the general public in a way that makes the public more accepting of them.  Can this be applied here?  I think it very well could.  Through media outlets on the internet, as well as other things such as advertising on products, we as a society see ourselves able to relate to Tiger Woods.

Whether it is a commercial with him on television, or an ad in a magazine, if he’s depicted using a product you use, you feel that in a sense, you can relate to Tiger Woods on a personal level.  Perhaps this is one explanation of people feeling they can judge him and his mistakes.

Back to the topic of people feeling that he became a bad influence and/or role model for the kids need to take a step back and look at their parenting.  If you put that much trust in someone that you don’t even know and solely expect them to be a role model for your child, then there’s something wrong with your child’s role models.  It’s your job as a parent to provide role models in your child’s life that are beneficial to them, and you can’t expect someone in the public eye to never make a single mistake.
Admittedly, I didn’t know who to root for in the Super Bowl tonight, but decided on the Saints after a friend suggested them (follow her- @aWignall- on Twitter).  The game didn’t start out too much in their favor, with the halftime score at 13-10, although they were in the lead by 3 points.  The halftime show was The Who, and they actually sounded pretty good.

In the third quarter, the Colts pulled ahead by 1 point, leading 17-16.  The Saints made an amazing comeback in the final quarter- pulling ahead to 31-17 after a total of 3 field goals byGarrett Hartley and an amazing pick off of Peyton Manning by Tracy Porter and 74-yard (I think they said 74) touchdown.  I also admit I don’t watch any football besides the Super Bowl, and I get way excited when I’m rooting for a team- even if I’m the only one in my house doing so.  It was definitely an impressive touchdown, as were the three field goals by Garrett Hartley (I believe they also said that was a new record because all three were over 40 yards from the goal?).  

In the fourth quarter, the Saints also grabbed a two point conversion after the play was reviewed and another point after their final touchdown by Tracy Porter.  So, I spent a good time of my evening shouting, and maybe-sometimes clapping a just a little bit.  Needless to say, I definitely enjoyed the game, and some of the commercials were actually pretty funny.  I’m sure the commercials will be replaying all over the Internet and other channels.
Last Tuesday night saw the premiere of the documentary series Michael Vick Project on BET.  Back in 2007, Vick was convicted of illegal dog fighting and sentenced to 23 months in jail.  The controversy exploded- people supporting him despite his heinous acts and on the other side there were people hating him for what he had done to the dogs.

In 2009, he returned to football scene and began working with the Humane Society of the United States to discourage young people to become involved in anything like he was.  The intent of the documentary series is to give an insight to the man he was, and how he has made a complete 180 after his conviction.  The series will also be featuring interviews with his fiancée, family, and friends, filmed between August 2009 and January 2010.

After serving his time in jail, Vick signed with the Philadelphia Eagles and became reinstated in the 2009 NFL season.  His passion for dog fighting was something that began as a teenager, continued through high school and college, and every Tuesday while he was a member of the Falcons.  

He has stated that after the documentary series is over, he will stop apologizing; only while working with the Humane Society will he bring up the subject of his past in dog fighting.  He has served his time in jail and apologized on numerous occasions, and many people are hopeful that the series will help people better understand Vick.  The people who already dislike him may not change their opinions of Vick, but people who are supportive of him will get a chance at a better look of the man who inspired many people across America, and perhaps will have another chance of being an inspiration again.