Kellan Lutz Poses for PETA-Following in the Steps of Christian Serratos - dfrnt: Here & Now.
Kellan Lutz and Kola
Despite PETA’s sometimes controversial campaigns and many acronyms that poke fun, replacing People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals with other words that have the same lettering, they do have a good message.  And supporting this message is Twilight star Kellan Lutz.  Taking a stance with his adopted dog Kola, Lutz appears on posters which state “Buying Animals is Killing Animals” and “Adopt, Don’t Buy”.  In an interview with PETA, Lutz states “There are surprisingly so many animals in these animal shelters.  It’s sad, and knowing that they get euthanized…and there’s a lot you can do…spay or neuter your pets so that doesn’t happen.”

In the interview, he also explains his experience after finding Kola curled up in the back of a cage at an animal shelter.  Twilight co-star Christian Serratos has also taken a part in PETA, who posed a few months ago for PETA’s campaign “I’d Rather Go Naked than Wear Fur”.

Many rumors swirl around PETA and what their real intentions are, but the Twilight stars intentions are definitely positive, wanting to support the adoption of animals rather than purchase them from breeders or pet stores.  Purchasing them in the latter way described is often supporting puppy mills in which the animals are abused and not taken care of well at all.  Many animals that come from breeders, puppy mills, etc. end up filling up animal shelters, and whether they are no-kill shelters or not doesn’t matter- because the shelters are still filling up and animals everywhere are suffering because of it.
Christian Serratos posing for PETA's campaign

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